Consulting and engineering services specializing in valuation of utility properties since 1990

Why Sansoucy Associates?

Utility and special purpose properties are unique and complex in their own right and the planning, permitting, analysis, valuation and assessment of these properties can be challenging. Our team has the knowledge and experience needed to tackle these issues head-on.

We have extensive experience in fields such as:

Local / Regional
utility Property

& Distribution


Electric Generation

Gas / oil Processing
Storage & Transmission

Water & Steam


Data Centers

Renewable Energy

Complex Industrial

Hydroelectric &
Pumped Storage

Waste to Energy
& landfill

how we can help

While we primarily focus on the valuation and appraisal of special purpose property for the defense of tax assessments, we have extensive experience in regulatory consulting and engineering services, planning, permitting, licensing, and other utility and municipal related work, and are continually adding ways to assist our clients.

Valuation, and
Assessment Services

Regulatory Consulting,
Licensing, and Permitting Proceedings

Consulting and
Engineering Services

In our 30 year history, our team has expanded to more than 20 states, and continue to become licensed in new states and markets.